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4K Blu-ray ULTRA HD Movies

Crystal clear, with more life like colors the 4K movie experience gives you a 4X sharper experience than HD Blu-ray. Experience the future today.



With 4X sharper visuals, 4K TV, films and games give you a clarity of picture beyond anything you’ll have ever experienced before. With unparalleled visual potential, 4K content is currently the closest representation of life-like colours, textures and motion available, taking your enjoyment of cinematic epics and fast-paced action to a level never seen before.

4K Blu-Ray players will not only display your 4K content in outstanding quality, they’ll also upscale your existing Blu-Ray collection to the best possible visual output. Watch as those colours seem even brighter and that clarity improves to make your viewing experience outstanding for existing titles in your collection and for all those new release titles.

With more homes having the option to watch and enjoy 4K content, producers and studios are recognising these developments and making TV content to match. Watch as your favourite TV shows seem even brighter than before and the excitement and action seems even closer to your living room. The future of TV is 4K and those binge-worthy boxsets will never have looked so good!

Outstanding visuals and incomparable quality and colour puts you closer to the action than ever before. With 4K upscaling motion seems smoother, pictures more defined and the experience more engaging than ever before. Don’t just watch the film; experience it!