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Pack all your travel essentials inside an officially licensed Loungefly backpack, available at Zavvi CA. These fashion accessories come in a variety of sizes and styles, including the mini backpack and the pin trader, and draw inspiration from many of your favourite movies, TV series, and video games.
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What Is a Loungefly Backpack?

Founded in 1998, the brand gained popularity by creating a variety of fashion accessories, including the signature Loungefly backpack. There are different types of bags in their collection, but these are arguably the most popular and inarguably the most prolific.

In addition to featuring eye-catching designs (which we will discuss further), these products come in a variety of sizes, with large and mini Loungefly backpack options offered, and you will also find different makes, such as the customisable pin trader. Naturally, these accessories provide lots of options for storing your valuables, having spacious internal compartments (improvable with an organiser insert) and zip-up pockets.

If you’re curious as to how much Loungefly backpacks are, we can confirm that the average selling price ranges from £20 to £100. Of course, those that have become rare tend to be the most expensive, so unless you’re a collector, you would benefit from buying them from an official retailer — Zavvi CA, for example. We often provide our customers with unbeatable discounts, with many of our items eventually going on sale.

How Many Loungefly Backpacks Are There?

The first licensed Loungefly backpack — based on the Star Wars franchise — was released during the earliest days of the brand, and since this pivotal moment, there have been hundreds of subsequent launches. Popularised by casual fans and collectors alike, some of these products have become highly coveted, the rarest (and possibly most expensive) being the Princess Sketch mini backpack.

As you can see, these items draw inspiration from the best of pop culture. Disney is chief among these, most of its properties having been the focal point of a product (or multiple). Specifically, you will find their infamous villains, Disney Princesses (including Cinderella, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Rapunzel from Tangled), and characters from other films and TV series (including Lilo & Stitch, Up, Peter Pan, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, The Aristocats, Coco, and Winnie the Pooh). These franchises are joined by other well-known names: Star Wars (featuring the Rebel Alliance and Yoda), Marvel (featuring Loki and Spider-Man), Harry Potter, Pokémon, Hello Kitty (featuring Kuromi), Elf (a staple of Christmas), and Beetlejuice (a Halloween classic).

How To Store Loungefly Backpacks

Many fans of the brand consider these high-value items to be collectables. That said, it is important to store them correctly, making considerations for their size, material, and aesthetics. The Loungefly mini backpack is considerably smaller than its regular counterpart, measuring 10.5 x 9 x 4 inches and weighing 0.7kg, so if you’re thinking solely about your display, this might be a practical option. Alternatively, it’s worth considering that the larger version can fit more sizable objects, such as water bottles and laptops.

Regarding composition, these products are made using materials like faux leather, canvas, nylon, sequins, and glitter. These provide a great deal of visual contrast, complementing the colours (white, green, blue, and so forth); however, ensuring that they are maintained becomes more complicated. Generally speaking, the best way to clean Loungefly backpacks is to fill a small bowl with water and liquid soap, mildly dampen a cloth or rag, and use this to gently remove any blemishes (such as dirt and stains). Once this is done, you can wipe away the moisture with a dry cloth or rag.